Cyanotype Kit – DIY kit to make your own blueprints

From our friends at Botanopia - Cyanotype Kit: DIY kit to make your own blueprints

This fun DIY kit is your warm welcome into the world of arts. Create your very own unique botanical art prints and discover the joy of cyanotype, a printing technique that uses the power of the sun!

This DIY kit has all the necessary materials to produce lots of gorgeous botanical prints:

-200 ml of cyanotype emulsion in powder form, just add water.

-A glass contact frame.

-24 sheets of assorted papers with different textures, A6 format.

-a foam paintbrush.

-a measuring cup, mixing cup and disposable gloves

-detailed instructions and a video tutorial available

Using this kit allows you to express your love of all things botanical in a new way. Follow the supplied instructions to capture little leaves, plants and flowers in impressive works of art for your home. No special talent or art experience needed, beautiful results are guaranteed every time.

When making cyanotypes for botanical blueprints, you’re using a unique photographic printing technique that depends on UV light from the sun. This makes it a great outdoor craft activity, to do on your own or with friends.