Cultural Bulletin #D

Robin Friend
Max Creasy
Gold Panda
Laura Lewis
James Clarke
Celestial Trax

A changing world, as we understand it, often involves the collision of nature and people – the non-human and the human. We naturally view things from an anthropocentric perspective. Maybe this is why many of us can more viscerally connect with the effects of COVID-19 than climate change.

Much of the images, themes and conversations in Issue D explore the relationship between the human and the non-human world. These worlds often exist in juxtaposition and are fraught with conflict. One is usually taking something from the other. 

With all these aspects of life in a state of flux and the world in a state of pause, perhaps we are offered time and space to think about these things. To consider ourselves in relation to; the communal, the other, our principle narratives, and the image we project both inwardly and outwardly. One thing is certain - there is one thing we can take solace in; that the world as we conceived it doesn’t exist anymore.