Distances By Romain Laprade #1

Romain Laprade is a French photographer. After his studies, he first worked at Vogue Paris magazine as a graphic designer and then at Holiday magazine, but his passion for photography, which has inspired him since the age of 15, finally led him to make it his job.

The photographs of Romain Laprade evolved in a few years into a subtle and intriguing visual signature. His style stands out by focusing on banal details that he transforms into iconic images. His warm tones, his sense of composition and his solar work also interest brands in the constant quest for novelties and help to make them recognised through various publications. (Aesop, Rimowa, Mr Porter, Hermes, Isabel Marant, ...).

Romain Laprade freezes lines and surfaces through his own aesthetic and photographic vocabulary, often drawn from modernist architecture. The anodyne details, minimalist compositions, marked lights, which he accumulated over the last 5 years in many photographs, are capable of providing an exquisite and poetic look on the world.