Swiss Graphic Designs - Encounters

Thom Pfister (Author)

Thom Pfister’s extensive oeuvre – encoded with a flair for the visually and intellectually uncommon, for reduction, lightness, and elegance – straddles the interface between art and design. He is a versatile visual creative whose works are the product of honesty and a concentrated narrative force. At times direct and forceful, at others subtle and delicate, but always with a nuanced story that itself seeks a correspondingly multi-layered interpretation. With Pfister, the imperfect is sought out, staged, and becomes the stylistic device. This volume presents a visually arresting compendium of work, in which the layering and overlaying of diverse visual elements is the dominant aesthetic.

Paperback, 496 pages, Colour Illustrations
Language: English
Publisher: Sturm & Drang
ISBN: 9783906822419
Size: 24 x 33 cm