Blumenhaus #1

Due to high demand, Blumenhaus has decided to run a second print of issue 1 (very limited quantity).
Grab your copy to complete your Blumenhaus collection.

Blumenhaus explores Botany with a romantic approach through 196 pages of editorials, portfolios, words & illustrations.

In this volume…

  • The rising popularity of herbalism
  • The history of flowers paintings by Netherlandish Renaissance artists ︎ The four seasons
  • Flowers and leaves, the Indian way
  • The weirdest orchid specimens
We also retrace the influences on botany with portraits of…
  • Italian architect, Renzo Mongiardino ︎  British horticulturist, Gertrude Jekyll
  • Garden designer, Isabel Bannerman
Illustrations that make us wander through…
  • The gardens of England
  • Hong Kong florists by Pia Riverola
  • A Californian diary by Lucie Bascoul
  • A top 5 of dreamy destinations painted by Jenny Ronen
And much more…
Fashion editorials by Jesse & Jimmy Marble, Raquel Chicheri, Angela Blumen, Takeuchiss, Melanie Rodriguez as well as exclusive floral compositions and artworks by Rosie Harbottle, Jenn Sanchez, Mike Willcox, Sofia Iva, Emily Isabella…