Bird: The Best New Photography of Birds

This is an anthology of fantastic photography of our feathered friends. Deliberately beautiful, the images in this precious book have a strong slant towards contemporary photography - looking at more modern, unusual projects from both famous and lesser known photographers around the world.

Far away from the traditional and sometimes predictable photographs of birds in the garden or treetops, these pictures present birds in a new light, whether shot in the studio, on location or using surprisingly abstract techniques.

From wild parrots in the streets of Tokyo to prize pigeons outside New York, this book brings together the world’s best contemporary photography of birds and asks us to look anew at these mysterious winged creatures in all their complexity and majesty.

Featured photographers: Frankie Alduino, Barbara Bosworth, Xavi Bou, Giacomo Brunelli, Robert Clark, Tim Flach, Andrew Garn, Mark Harvey, Leila Jeffreys, Simen Johan, Tracy Johnson, Katerina Kaloudi, Sanna Kannisto, Tom Leighton, Neeta Madahar, Dillon Marsh, Joseph McGlennon, Yoshinori Mizutani, Yola Monakhov, Carla Rhodes, Pentti Sammallahti, Joel Sartore, Aniruddha Satam, Søren Solkær, Tamara Staples, Luke Stephenson, Julia Tatarchenko and Janice Tieken.