Bates Motel Print by Alice Tye

What is illustration? Where does it stand in relationship to art? The traditional assumption was that ‘illustrators’ worked to a brief, whereas ‘artists’ followed their own thought processes. But how would you define what a new generation of illustrators has been up to?

The style of Alice Tye owes less to Dürer and Rembrandt and fine-art drawing than to film and media studies. The work of directors such as David Lynch and the light and the architecture of the Hollywood hills have colonized Tye’s imagination. After working on series of paintings based on frames from her favourite movies and inhabiting those worlds in her mind, she has finally travelled to LA in order to confront those landscapes—or locations. These new series are the result of this clash between real and imaginary worlds.

In an age when art schools spend more time teaching their pupils how to build a conceptual framework around their work than how to go about making it, how refreshing it can be to find great work on plain, simple paper!

12-colour pigment giclée print on 190 gsm Soft Textured Art Paper, 520 x 700mm, supplied in a strong black Magma poster tube.