B Magazine #13 Lego

 A global toy manufacturer, lego first started from a small Carpenter’s workshop in 1932. Its signature bricks offer unlimited building possibilities and let a wealth of creative ideas emerge through play for anyone. Behind the worldwide popularity of lego, there lies a set of meticulous calculation based on thorough knowledge in engineering.

Only a handful of brands receives more of the spotlight every holiday season – LEGO, a globally popular construction toy brand, is definitely one of them. LEGO is probably the most widely known brand name that B  has chosen to profile to date, as many from diverse age groups and cultural backgrounds associate colorful bricks with the brand name. Around the globe, the toy company's products are flying off the shelves – seven sets of blocks are sold every second. Furthermore, as many as four hundred million people claim to spend nearly fifty hours every year assembling and taking their LEGO bricks apart. Undeniably, LEGO bricks are more than just children's toys.