Auslöser #1

Auslöser * is a biannual, bilingual (German & English) indie print magazine that focuses on the human stories behind the camera. Each issue features four in-depth photographer interviews, one company portrait behind the scenes and one camera in detail. The first issue is available since March 2019 shipping worldwide and from selected museum shops, galleries, magazine and book stores.

* Auslöser [aʊ̯sløːzɐ] (“Shutter Button” / “Trigger” / “Release”; German; Noun)

In Issue #1:

4 long-form in-depth interviews with Friedl Kubelka (AT), Yanina Boldyreva (RU), Wolfgang Zurborn (DE), Brian Finke (US)

Behind the scenes photo reportage at the famous publishing and print house: STEIDL

In detail: a selected camera from the WestLicht camera museum

16 x 22 cm, 160 pages, Swiss brochure binding, Bilingual (German & English)