Athleta #2

Athleta is a photographic magazine. It tells stories of timeless sports, careless of the day’s sporting events.

Through images, it narrates about of people and places. Dilapidated gyms, drenched in fatigue, dirt roads or Nordic landscapes. Everywhere sports are spontaneous. Exotic perhaps, unknown to many, but real and sweaty, faithful to the values of competition in all it’s cultural forms.

The second issue of Athleta visits both known and unknown sports arenas, starting from a small synthetic field in Piraeus, Athens. Here, where democracy was born, in the city-state that was the nest of European cultural history, a football draws a path of encouragement in the lives of some of the boys from the Skaramagas refugee camp...

From there to Filippo Simeoni's battle against Lance Armstrong, to Valentino Rossi's roots at the San Mauro a Mare circuit in Romagna, and on; to smokey billiards halls of suburban London, to the dragging waves of the Pacific Northwest Coast, the adrenal arenas of monster trucks, and the dramatic Plaza de Toros.