At Large #17

In the seventies, High Times magazine staff purportedly coined the term "at-large" for an editor who was allegedly in the office so rarely it brought to mind the "Wanted" posters of the Wild West.

At Large magazine was conceived in August 2014, under the influence of Leo. The lion is our totem, fire our element, and the sun our celestial ruler. For those who prefer more earthly explanations, the answers lie in the west. At the historical junction of civilized development and the savagery of the wilderness,

California retains a frontier soul: strength, individuality, and initiative. At Large began its journey there, under the summer sun. Biannually, At Large creates opportunities and alliances with artists, writers, and filmmakers to curate content in print, film, and across multimedia. Our contributors work away from a dedicated desk-at large. As Nietzsche said, invisible threads are the strongest ties.

It is the mission of At Large magazine to create collectable content through contemporary visual dialogue and commentary on art, trav­el, fashion, and men's lifestyle interests-and to have fun doing it.

They feature current artists, athletes, explorers and performers in all fields in order to impact and inspire the imaginations of our readers.

At Large magazine collaborates with brands and individuals to pro­duce original material across multiple media platforms for modern, style conscious men. Twice yearly we distribute globally an over­sized, luxurious print edition of At Large.

At Large Magazine 17 Spring 2022