An Illustrated History of GHOSTS

Adam Allsuch Boardman (Author / Illustrator)

A bump in the night, the crack of floorboards and the uneasy coldness of a room...Signs we might attribute to a ghostly presence.

Through the decades, investigators and mediums have dedicated themselves to the task of reaching through the veil and contacting the other side. Whether ghosts are the souls of the dead, windows in time or interdimensional beings, cultures through the ages have responded with fear and fascination to their horrific haunts and eerie appearances. This illustrative study will take you through the history and culture of ghosts.

About the Author:
Adam Allsuch Boardman was born in a family of creatives in West Yorkshire. He studied BA Illustration at the Leeds Arts University and graduated in 2016. Following his degree, Adam served a year as the Students' Union President whilst simultaneously working as a freelance illustrator. Since then, Adam has worked for a variety of clients such as Apple, The Economist, Deloitte and Monocle. His first Nobrow title 'An Illustrated History of Filmmaking' has received high praise and has been translated into over five languages.

Hardcover, 128 pages
Published by Nobrow (1 Sept. 2022)
ISBN 9781913123079
Reading age 14 years and up
19.38 x 1.91 x 25.25 cm