Adbusters #157

AB 157: Ultimatum to World Leaders

Covid-19 turned from an outbreak into a pandemic because of airplanes.

The virus shot around the world, instantly found new hosts, and replicated everywhere all at once. It was out of Pandora’s box before anyone could make a lid big enough to shut it down.

Speculative money has spread the virus of capitalism the same way. The throughput is out of control — because there are no borders or governors or effective laws to stop the money-from-nothing algorithm.

The speculative traders are like superspreaders, and the whole world is vulnerable.

Our only hope is to shut those guys down.

In this issue, we take a crack at flattening the speculative-money curve. If we can achieve this, then things for all of us all around the world will slowly get better — until eventually we reach financial herd immunity.