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Adbusters #155

Adbusters 155: A New Relationship Between People And Corporations

We the People have lost control.

Corporations, these legal fictions we ourselves created two centuries ago, now rule over us. And we accept this as the normal state of affairs.

We go to corporations on our knees. Please do the right thing, we plead. Please don’t cut down any more ancient forests. Please don’t pollute any more lakes and rivers (but please don’t move your factories and jobs offshore either). Please don’t use pornographic images to sell fashion to my kids. Please don’t play governments off against each other to get a better deal.

We’ve spent so much time bowed down in deference we’ve forgotten how to stand up straight.

In this issue, we lay out a plan to take back our sovereignty, restore our dignity . . . and make corporations work for us, not the other way around. It's an endgame that we can't afford to lose.