ACT #2

ACT Magazine is an independent, seasonal art and culture magazine, founded in 2020 and based in Toronto. It aims to be a destination to satisfy your aesthetic hunger and a place to showcase unique, creative people and artists of all kinds. Featuring interviews, editorials and stories from various creative artists and talents from around the world.

Issue Number 2 - July 2020


'The title of this issue is WARDA AL HANI (Madame Rose Hani - Part Two ) which is one of Gibran Khalil Gibran’s novels where he tells the story of a young woman who is married to a rich man, but she feels imprisoned. One day she finds the light inside the darkness in a young man and decides to leave her husband to witness love and modesty with this young person. Society judged her. Her powerful ex-husband made use of his power to put her reputation to question. but she didn’t really care because she knows everyone’s story and decided to have her own. She decides to live for love.

How many Wardas have you seen? Being judged for their life choices and their decisions. How many men used their powerful voice and social positions to put the reputation of the women that they love (who didn’t share the same interest) in question. How many persons are like Gibran, take the time to actually seek the truth and decide what is the right thing to do? We chose this novel by Gibran as the title of our second issue because it best describes how society objectifies woman for their actions.

A hint of what to come in this issue; So many women sharing the same and different point of views, stories about experiences they face as women, stories about daily battles and a society that keeps on reminding them that they need to do more. Not one day do they feel any kind of freedom to just be, and when they do, they are put to question again. Stories of women. A society that objectifies women.'