A Rabbit's Foot #8

A Rabbit's Foot:

A Rabbit's Foot create for those of you who require a more cerebral approach in your interest in cinema and the arts – whether you are a film student, an artist in need of inspiration, or an industry expert.

They're currently stocked in over 1500 stores across UK, US, Europe and Asia, and including Barnes & Noble, WHSmith, the BFI, Magma Books, Serpentine Gallery, Assouline, Curzon cinemas, and many more.

They are well known for featuring auteurs and directors in our book that are both legends of filmmaking and exciting contemporary voices. These include Wim Wenders, Wes Anderson, Alfonso Cuaron, Isabel Sandoval, Celine Song, Molly Manning Walker, Emma Seligman, Gaspar Noe, Paolo Sorrentino, Oliver Stone, Peter Weir, Davy Chou, Alicia Vikander, Penelope Cruz, Paul Schrader and many more.

A Rabbit's Foot Issue 8

This special Film Noir issue celebrates the second year of publishing from A Rabbit’s Foot. Launching at the Cannes Film Festival, this is also the first time a celebrated artist, Nadia Lee Cohen, shoots the cover. Nadia is the perfect artist muse for the film noir theme that we investigate within these pages. She is a captivating young woman of enormous talent, energy, and beauty. It goes without saying that film noir must contain mystery, discovery, and naturally: a femme fatale.