A Carp In The Tub

Victoria Granof & Louise Hagger (Artists), Owen Evans (Designer)

“If you want to take a bath, do it today; I’m bringing the carp tomorrow and it lives in the tub till Easter,” said Natalia helpfully. WAIT. Easter is three months away.

A Carp in the Tub is an artist collaboration by Food Stylist Victoria Granof, Photographer Louise Hagger and Prop Stylist JoJo Li. In words, pictures and recipes, it tells the weird and wonderful story of Granof's winter-long journey to adopt her infant son in Ukraine.

The work is presented as a set: a folded poster and a booklet. Inside the booklet are a suite of seven photographs with corresponding recipes, and a not funny-but funny essay written by Granof.

The poster unfolds into an A3 size to reveal the carp in the tub.

Edition of 200
Softcover, 28 page staple bound booklet with an 8 page folded insert (A5 opens to an A3 poster)
15 x 21.3 cm, (A3 Folding Poster), 9.8 x 21.2 cm (Booklet)