502 Bad Gateway #2

A beautifully printed independent menswear & lifestyle magazine. It's a great life choice. 

Find out more about brands you love and discover new brands via indepth interviews and original imagery. This issue is 116 pages long and resonates through your fingers on uncoated paper. 

What's inside: 

In this issue we present a Global Creative Survey to find out what challenges entrepeneurs face when scaling their businesses as well as show casing their superlative work.

We send you postcards from Vienna via atypical cycling brand BrilliBrilliant/Unicorn from our favourite hotel in the world and check out Vienna's design scene through 101.at

A trip to Peterborough to talk all things automotive and check Benedict Radcliffe's art practice in a light industry factory. Skkrt

Mindfulness + running = District Vision. We spoke to Tom and Max about how the two combine and how they make the world's best eyewear.

Univeral Works. We speak to the owner David Keyte and take some clothes out for a spin. Quintessential and top quality. 

A conversation with the principal of casual clothing Eiichiro Homma-san. Insightful and indepth discussion in to Nanamica. 

Earthly Pleasures: a trip through a lush forest wearing some gorgeous clothing from Heresy, Hollie Ward, Delly Deacon and more.