100 Hotel Sketches

Drawing, which Daniel Arsham himself describes as his "first love", has always been an important discipline for the artist, including the daily sketchbook practice which he began at the age of nine. Early in his career, Arsham's drawings became a ritual for planning new works of art. In his current practice, Arsham also uses drawing as a space for unlimited creativity where he conjures up ideas for large-scale installations and the implementation of new materials.

As Arsham's career took him to travel the world, he began incorporating hotel stationery from his travels into his daily sketching practice. Particularly interested in working on the letterhead of historic hotels, the artist composes his ideas, generally with an image and a text, juxtaposing the past and the present, a theme which is reflected in his practice.

This volume contains 100 sketches of Arsham's hotels, which serve as a physical record of Arsham's travels and the transformation of his style and branding over time. Produced to mark the 20th anniversary of Daniel Arsham's collaboration with Emmanuel Perrotin in 2023, 100 Hotel Sketches contains direct studies for works exhibited at Perrotin as part of his double exhibition in Paris and New York.