Peak #3

Peak Magazine:

Peak aims to inspire and encourage you to see the wonders of the great outdoors.

Within this issue, we join forces with the running and climbing communities, reconnect with nature and our youth through art, examine a wide collection of mushrooms grown and displayed in N15 and take an explorative journey through the topographic landscape of London with Purple Mountain Observatory and their SS24 collection. 

Throughout winter and spring we have managed to gather a true understanding of the power of community and how influential those communities are to our own individual perseverance and determination. 

We delve into the world of marathon preparation, fostering connections with various running communities and examining their profound impact on encouraging widespread participation in sports through communal engagement.

Renowned fine artist Tiarra Nicole Pearson invites us into her surrealistic realm, emphasizing the significance of reconnecting with the essence of nature and our youthful spirit.

Embark on a journey of exploration with Purple Mountain Observatory and their SS24 collection as we traverse the topographic “Highs & Lows” of London, ranging from depths -26 meters below sea level to heights soaring up to 309 meters above.

Lastly, we engage with the climbing community, uniting individuals to conquer one of London’s few outdoor boulders. Drawing inspiration from the inclusive nature of skate jams, we adapt and apply similar principles to foster camaraderie within the bouldering community.

The concept is simple, A3 pages A2 pull outs, the whole zine pulls apart for you to do as you please with. Scan the QR  codes to be led to online written editorials or directly to product.