Herdes #Vol XIII - The Moon Issue

Herdes, a biannual fashion and travel publication launched in 2016 and present in 15 countries, that has become an inspirational media for a creative, nomadic and style-leading generation.

Herdes has revolutionized the way we see travel and fashion through a new and risky visual narrative, offering intriguing and avant-garde content thanks to the work and passion of its contributors.

Herdes celebrates a luxury format, combining the look of a carefully designed collectable book with the most innovative content of a fashion and travel magazine.

The Moon Issue = Vol. XIII - Autumn / Winter 2022-2023

The Moon, that mysterious spherical object that we see when the Sun goes down, that seems indifferent and minuscule to us from Earth, but which in reality is an enormous body that revolves around us and still hides unsolved mysteries and superstitions.
In this issue, we wanted to pay tribute to our wonderful Moon, with editorials inspired by outer space and trips to the moon, with photographs of NASA Missions and futuristic architecture.

Pol Granch - Interviewed by Júlia Pié
After the bombshell of “Tiroteo” together with Marc Seguí and the remix with Rauw Alejandro, Pol Granch returns to the attack with a new single and exciting projects. Among the cast of emerging Spanish singers and actors, Pol shines with his own light.

This young 24-year-old Spanish-French artist whose real name is Pablo Grandjean became known thanks to Factor X, winning the first edition of this talent show. His restlessness led him to jump into the world of acting in 2020, starring in the fourth season of the successful Netflix series, “Elite”. Last year he established himself as one of the most successful Spanish pop singers, winning four platinum discs with “Tiroteo”, after two albums on the market, “Pol Granch” and “Tengo que calmarme”.

We talked to him – before getting on a plane – about fame, his inspiration and the values that accompany him in life.

Guiseppe Lo Schiavo - Interviewed by Júlia Pié
Giuseppe Lo Schiavo, also known as GLOS, is an Italian visual artist who studied architecture in Rome and specialized in visual design at the University of La Sapienza and currently works and lives between London and Milan.

Lo Schiavo was the winner of the European project BioArt Challenge in 2021. The artist researches on art and synthetic biology with the support of several universities, but is currently researching in the Microbiology lab at UCL University in London.