Panda Sticky Hook Pocket

A wall storage item with a cute animal design that allows you to store frequently used items in the hooks and pockets. It is an adsorbent type that can be easily peeled off and stuck to walls such as entrance doors, bathroom mirrors, bathrooms, and kitchens.
Small items that cannot be hung from hooks can be easily stored in the pockets, making it very convenient to use this one item in a variety of ways.
It can also be used as a [smartphone stand] on a table or a [glasses stand] that makes it look like you are wearing glasses.

Stick it on tightly and remove it freely with the adsorption type.
Drainage holes on the bottom of the pocket prevent water from pooling, making it hygienic.
The pocket is sanitary and water does not accumulate. Bend the arm to [hook].
Pockets for small items Pocket for small items
Pockets for small items As a glasses holder around the washroom
Place it on the table and use it as a phone stand.


W520 x D265 x H410mm