The Thames - Rivers in Cities Series by Ryo Takemasa

Magma has asked award-winning Japanese illustrator Ryo Takemasa to produce a series of prints on the subject of ‘Rivers in Cities’.

With his precise, simple yet textured illustrations, Ryo Takemasa is the heir of a rich tradition of Japanese illustration, from Ryohei Yanagihara onwards.

A keen traveler, and with a touch of Tintin about his work, he has a unique ability for conjuring a sense of place: not just place, but the sense of a certain place at a certain time.

These prints are a rare opportunity for enjoying on paper the work of this young master whose illustrations are rarely seen outside Japan (or the web).

12-colour pigment giclée print on 210 gsm Soft Textured Art Paper, 520 x 700mm, supplied in a strong black Magma poster tube.