Small Barbican Print By Carine Brancowitz

Wall space can be at a premium in the modern home or office. A number of customers over the years have asked us if we would consider producing our posters at a smaller size.

After a great deal of thought we have produced a selection of our favourite designs in pocket size. Ready to frame with a pre-cut mount they measure 400 x 300 mm overall.

A perfect fit for that awkward space between the bookshelf and um, the other bookshelf.

Barbican Carine Brancowitz

Carine Brancowitz is devoted to music and painting, she studied illustration, screen printing and lithography in Paris. Starting out as a Jnr Art Director in a chic fashion agency before returning biro-in-hand to the art world - her elegance has attracted brands like Iceberg, Céline, Nokia, SFR, Bic, Silvera, Grohe, Record Makers, Nylon Magazine and Converse. Her work, drawn with a set of ball point pens, is filled with intricate and detailed patterns. Layered with various styles, her work is multifaceted yet simultaneously simplistic. She has literally carved her own identity into the artworld with a biro.

High quality 12-colour pigment giclée print on 190 gsm soft texture art paper, 315 x 235 mm, supplied with mount, 400 x 300 mm.