Apollo XI Mission Control Center Print By Takashi Nakamura

Born in 1976 in the Niigata Prefecture, Takashi Nakamura's work has a magnetic power that dares you to immerse yourself in every one of his detailed and enigmatic scenes. He grew up reading manga and his deceptively simple illustrations focus on the uncelebrated moments of the everyday.

Despite our long-standing fascination with moon landings here at Magma, we have chosen to ask Nakamura to create an image that stands away from the landing event itself and instead depicts the muted emotions of people overseeing the landing in Cape Canaveral mission control center. His precise work is executed patiently by hand in gel ink pens, giving an analogue and comforting feeling which can’t fail to make you smile.

12-colour pigment giclée print on 190 gsm Soft Textured Art Paper, 520 x 700mm, supplied in a strong black Magma poster tube.