The Wow #1

Welcome to the worlds of fascinating Asian women

The Wow is the first women's magazine profiling accomplished, powerful and stylish Asian women. It honours the achievements of each featured individual, allowing them to see themselves in a different light.

Wei Liu, founder and editor of The Wow, says he wants to reach all women with Asian heritage and also Western people interested in Asian culture. He was surprised how many Asian actors, models and photographers wanted to help – a sign, perhaps, of how few opportunities they get in Western media.

“Although Asian is one of the largest ethnicities in the world, diverse images of Asian women are rarely included in Western mainstream magazines,” writes Wei Liu in his editor’s letter for the newly launched The Wow magazine. “Hollywood waited for 25 years to see another all-Asian cast in the film Crazy Rich Asians, so how long should we keep waiting to see a magazine for them? It’s about time, so here we are.”