Pilot #4

PILOT is a digest dedicated to all things creative, experimental, and authentic.

Lovers of art, music, fashion, film, literature, honest lifestyle content, or existential chronicles by sleep deprived twenty-somethings that don’t fit into any of those categories are invited to discover something new or simply find some comfort in our narratives.

While proudly small town born, this publication is inspired by a range of genres, places, and cultures and hopes to invigorate a community of curious and thoughtful creatives.

Issue 04: Terra Incognita

The phrase “Terra Incognita,” traces back to the Egyptian scholar Ptolemy, who used it in his Geography to identify regions not yet labeled by the Roman Empire. It can be found on old maps to show that cartographers knew they did not know: the awareness of knowledge's limits, the acknowledgement of the unknown. Being that in these days the details mapped out were mainly for merchants and military expeditions, what was marked "Terra Incognita" was also what remained unvanquished - indivisible and unconquerable, a ferocious act of mysticism.

In Issue 04, we’re paying homage to this tag – celebrating pockets of culture, and of ourselves, that have refused endless attempts of defining. Territory, not only on maps but emotional, spiritual, and artistic territory, that we allow to exist outside of needing to ‘know’ or be known. This issue, featuring creators’ fearless explorations of sound, sport, craft, and community, challenges you to submerge yourself heedlessly.

Itching to be explored tangibly itself, our customized duo binding system of separate Riso printed text and glossy images allows for material to be paired together, or stand alone – allowing space for a reader’s own narratives. Thread together by your hand, these are souvenirs of the unseen.

25.7 × 19.5 cm