Interview #555

Interview is an American magazine founded in late 1969 by artist Andy Warhol and British journalist John Wilcock. The magazine, nicknamed "The Crystal Ball of Pop", features interviews with celebrities, artists, musicians, and creative thinker.

Andy Warhol’s Interview is a publication featuring interviews with the world’s hottest and most sought after personalities. It contains all the current gossip, fashion, films, books, photographs, music, art and politics and is lavishly and dramatically illustrated with black and white and color photographs.

Interview #555 - Billie Eillish

On the cover of issue #555 and for Summer 2024, It's Billie Eilish! Showing off her fangs under a fittingly Eilish shade of green font. Editor-in-chief Mel Ottenberg spotted the 'BIGGEST FUCKING STAR' outside of a Calvin Klein show way back when in 2018 and in the next Interview editorial meeting told his team, 'Guys, we need to put Billie in the magazine – she's GONNA BE HUGE.'