Idn #29.2

Infographic (or more specifically data visualisation for this issue) is all about turning extremely complicated data into simple and easy reading graphics. It is most often found in editorial designs, when interconnecting ideas may not be so easy to understand, need clarifying, or a certain aspect of the story or data that needed emphasising.

But more so in this day and age — particularly for online media — infographics are also used to transform a dry message or a not-so-exciting idea into something more visually striking, leaving a longer lasting impression for the the casual viewer.


Adam Sharratt, Adrian Bauer, Agency S/R, Alessia Musìo, Camila A. Mayorga A., Craig Taylor (Mapzilla), Giorgio Guidotti, Ilaria Mastro, Infographics Lab 203, Jamie Kettle, Kisub Moon, Kürşat Ünsal, Mihajlo Jakovljev,  Natalia Sayuri Lara,  Nergis Aşar, Podpunkt Studio Romualdo Faura, Set Reset,  Shangning Wang & Jiayan He | Till noon | united by | Victoria da Costa