hube #4

‘New aesthetics, new identities, new technologies...’

New publication hube (which takes its name from the words ‘human’ and ‘be’) explores the world around us through the lenses of art, architecture, fashion, philosophy and more.

It's a thick, well-produced bible of visual culture as it is now and how it might be in the coming decades. An interesting addition to the art/fashion/futures mix.

hube issue 4:

Walking down the street or sailing through the infinite cosmos—whether by our own free will or the laws of physics—we are moving through space and time toward our future, hopes, and new possibilities. Movement gives us the freedom to change or to remain as we’ve always been. Freedom gives us the opportunity to dream, create, and leave the legacy of our experiences, mistakes, and achievements for future generations.

Both in the physical world and in the world of ideas and images—movement defines life, evolution, and progress. It is a testament to the existence of time and the energy that allows us to experience and justify our lives as we strive to reach our ideas. Through movement, we hope to join those who came here before us and those who will come after.

Every contributor, every word we read, every breath, photograph, heartbeat, turned page—intertwine with our lives and transfer us into a future that may be here in the next second or thousands of years.

Today, we invite you to delve into our latest edition (Spring/Summer 2024), featuring some of the most mesmerizing masterminds of the ever-evolving worlds of fashion, art, poetry, cinema, design, architecture, photography, and music: DAVID LYNCH, WILLEM DAFOE, ROSSY DE PALMA, (LA)HORDE, YOON, TYLER MITCHELL, ES DEVLIN, ELIZABETH DILLER, JACK KABANGU, AL BANO, KLARA