Elsie Annual #1

Hello…and welcome to Elsie Magazine!

Elsie is a creative independent magazine; it’s the work of one person…his name is Les Jones (that would be me – I’m a designer and photographer based in North Shropshire, England).

Elsie is a sumptuous, full colour treat-orama of all things photographic, typographic and designographic (is that a word?). There are just 1000 copies of each issue of Elsie and each issue features  bespoke elements that make your copy just a bit more personal to you!

What’s more, one in every twenty-five copies will have nestled within its pages a special envelope containing a unique, signed art print! And that’s not all, every copy will also contain a few surprise treats – which, all-in-all, makes each Elsie Magazine pretty much a one-off!

There’s no advertising in Elsie Magazine, which means there’s no external influence on what goes inside. And what goes inside is a visual cornucopia of stuff that inspires, intrigues and excites me…I hope it does the same for you.