Noma in Kyoto #01

Famed three-star restaurant Noma recently announced the end of its award-winning presence in Copenhagen, but even as that venue closes, the team have been busy with a pop-up in Kyoto. This new magazine documents their three month pop-up there, at the height of Sakura season. 

Part travel diary, part foodie guide, Noma in Kyoto offers many stories from its adventure moving their 103 person team to a new country. As well as reflections on their time in the city, find an in-depth profile of master chef Yoshiro Murata, a breakdown of the micro-seasons starting with the cherry blossom blooming, and many contributions from the Noma team as well as writers Adam Sachs and Robbie Swinnerton and actress Lily Collins.

210 x 275mm, 224 pages