Noble Rot #34

Issue 34 - Alpine Winos

From the people behind the eponymous London restaurant and wine bar is the magazine that started it all. Having (relatively) recently celebrated 10 years and over 30 print issues, Noble Rot is arguably still the indie wine magazine.

Playfully introducing the issue 'Alpine Winos' is an emotively angry bottle of wine wedged in the snow. In this editor's letter, Dan Keeling admits, 'the more you learn about the wine, the more you don't know.' But since Noble Rot brings an array of anecdotes and reviews around wine and gastronomy, the very least it will do is excite your tastebuds.

Also included in issue #34, Keira Knightley talks about the eclecticism of wine from Envínate to Blossom Hill and Kate Spicer's reasoning on why loving wine is ingrained within our DNA. Noble Rot is a refreshing, non-pretentious magazine that brings readers culinary joy.