Photographic Bandwidth #2

An oversized publication dedicated to the act of devotion, the importance of doing one's own Dharma, the duality of making intrapersonal development and being reborn anew.

In this issue:
An in-depth conversation and photo series of tattoo artist, Robert Ryan, who preforms a puja in his backyard temple. Photographed and interviewed by Timothy Frazier.

An in-depth conversation with Kirtan singer and long-time friend of Ram Dass, Krishna Das, in his home by Timothy Frazier.

Vikram Kushwah shares a long-term personal project on his father, a school teacher in rural India.

Kalpesh Lathigra shares his long-term series, Memoire Temporelle, which deals with the ideas of perceived and real memories. The photographs are made in Mumbai, India, where the artist imagines where his life would have been if not for the circumstances of migration.

Dion Bierdrager documents his stay at Beopjusa, a Buddhist temple in the mountains of Seoul, Korea.

Grant Harder looks to gentler times as he documents special moments spent with his family in the woods during uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Asuka Ito shoots, ‘Ways of Seeing’ which examines the spirituality surrounding Shinto shrines and Buddhist temples in Japan and how we view them.

Tadas Kazakevicius shares his project, ‘For We Walk by Faith’ which documents and examines a Christian community in his home country Lithuania.

Abhishek Khedekar has a spiritual awakening in Hampi, India.

Akshay Mahajan shares his series, ‘People of Clay’ which examines folklore and how it shapes identity.

Suleika Mueller interviews & photographs Nevine Nasser, a London-based architect about her practice as a Sufi practitioner.

Nehama shares a long-term project, ‘Tales to Entertain the Dead’ Volume 2, The Great Invisible.

Claudia Revidat shares work from her personal project, ‘Youth of Land’, a long-term look at the youth of the world who live in remote locations.

Marysia Swietlicka shares what cannot be said between herself, her mother and sister in her project, ‘My Heart’s in the Mountains’.

Carlos González Ximénez documents the masked festival performers in his series, Máscara Ibérica.