Plant Care Kit - For Healthy Plants That Love You Back

What’s your plant care routine? The basics are water and maybe some positive words. But there’s a lot more you can do to make your indoor plants healthy plants that love you back.

In this plant care kit we’ve assembled all the botanical nutrition and tools you may need to maintain your indoor jungle:

– 1x 50ml bottle of Complete Organic Plant Food, to sustain your plants as they grow with roots in water or soil.

– 1x 100ml bottle of Neem Oil, ready to mix

– 1x 250ml glass spray bottle to fill with your neem oil leaf spray

– 1x Bonsai scissors to prune your plants.

– A detailed guide with our best tips to take care of your plants.

Translation for beginners: that’s nutritious food + an easy-to-use protective plant treatment with a glass spray bottle to apply them. It also includes a sharp plant grooming tool to shape your plants and encourage new growth. And finally, a guiding hand from yours truly in the form of a booklet full of information.

Your indoor plant care set comes in a black and gold gift box and was designed to make anyone the perfect plant parent. Do you prefer to shop à la carte? You can also buy the components from this kit individually.
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