Wonder Women Bingo

In Wonder Women Bingo this fun bingo game for kids you can fill your game card with inspiring women from across the world and across history!

Team up with Greta Thunberg, Simone Biles, Amelia Earhart and Serena Williams for a bingo line, or fill your card with Valentina Tereshkova, Malala Yousafzai, Emmeline Pankhurst and more for BINGO!

Wonder Women Bingo contains 48 illustrated chips, game board, eight double-sided bingo cards, counters for you to mark up your card and an illustrated booklet with short bios about each of these inspirational women.

• An easy-to-play bingo game for children and families

• Features 48 inspiring women from all over the world

• Includes 8 double-sided game boards so can be played many times over by up to eight players

Isabel Thomas (Author), Laura Bernard (Illustrator)

Boxed game
ISBN 9781786277336
Published by Laurence King (August 2020)
22 x 22 cm