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Make Your Own Fairy Tale: Hansel & Gretel

Press out and play along as you read! Eight press-out sheets give you all the characters and props you need to re-enact the story of Hansel and Gretel. From the children and the breadcrumbs to the witch and her gingerbread house, act out the story while you read it or invent alternate versions! Comes with a fully illustrated story booklet for grown-ups to read to little ones as they play or for bigger kids to enjoy themselves.

Rebecca Green is an illustrator, painter, and author who loves experimenting with sculpture, lettering, and design using an array of traditional materials including gouache, colored pencil, ink, and cut paper. Clients include Tundra Books, Simon &ÊSchuster,ÊPenguin Random House, Annick Press, Frankie, Wall Street Journal, Flow magazine and Amnesty International.