Dog-Friendly London

Dog-Friendly London

Photography by Lesley Lau, Dunja Opalko and Ariana Ruth. Text by Karen Day, Olivia Finlayson and Hannah Summers. Illustrations by Pauline Cremer.

From sprawling parks and tucked-away pubs to stylish hotel suites and canine-friendly cafés, we’ve sniffed out all of London’s best spots to explore with your pup. Whether you’re visiting the city or already live here, discover how much more fun you can have when your four-legged friend takes the lead.

Four&Sons is a magazine exploring the worlds of art, culture, and lifestyle as inspired by man’s best friend, chronicling the life and work of interesting people and their interesting dogs.

This is the first edition.
Published in collaboration with Four&Sons.
176pp, hardback, 151 x 209mm.
ISBN: 9781910566916