Heat #3.1

Australia’s international literary magazine returns after ten years, featuring five distinguished writers, Mireille Juchau, Josephine Rowe, Sarah Holland-Batt, Brian Castro and Cristina Rivera Garza. Order now to receive HEAT Series 3 Number 1 in your letterbox.

Giramondo’s celebrated literary journal relaunches in a third series

Award-winning Sydney-based critic Mireille Juchau opens HEAT Series 3 Number 1 with a deeply reported essay that examines the aftermath of war. Melbourne writer Josephine Rowe follows with a dreamlike story about a young family in an enigmatic setting. Queenslander Sarah Holland-Batt contributes a quintet of poems that take us as far as Brazil, before a reimagining of The Decameron in the Adelaide Hills by Brian Castro. In closing, Mexican-American writer Cristina Rivera Garza shares a macabre quest that resonates long after reading.

Mireille Juchau  Only one refused  non-fiction
Josephine Rowe  Special Stuff  fiction
Sarah Holland-Batt  Five Poems  poetry
Brian Castro  Brief Lives  fiction
Cristina Rivera Garza  Death Takes Me (trans. Sarah Booker and Robin Myers)  fiction

Artwork by Ben Juers