Do Interesting: Notice. Collect. Share

Don’t try to be interesting. That’s a fool’s errand.

Do interesting instead. Make the world light up by paying proper attention.

In this book, writer and strategist Russell Davies has rounded up a bunch of interesting people to help you:

    Notice more ― practice paying attention and everything gets more interesting
    Collect more ― gather together what you’ve noticed, new ideas pop out
    Share more ― get good at sharing it all and more magic arrives

You’ll turn the things you notice into a compost of creativity ― slow hunches, spark files, scrapbooks and mood boards. It’s where unexpected elements collide to form new ideas. Then you’ll share those ideas. And you’ll learn something about yourself ― your passions and interests. Your life and work will become more creative, fulfilling and fun.
Interesting isn’t a personality, it’s a decision. Don’t hunt for diamonds. Get fascinated by pebbles.