Ton #2

Ton is a new magazine about decorating and design made by Jermaine Gallacher, Rory Gleeson, and Ted Stansfield.

It's all about people who make and like things that are different and unique. The magazine is for everyone, not just fancy people. It celebrates new and different voices in decorating and design, and it's all about things that are cool, edgy, and punky.

This issue focuses on community and the spaces in which people come together: from gay saunas, with an essay by the infallibly sordid Huw Lemmey and a few cheeky pictures by the editor; to places of worship with words their own in-house  editorial director Ted Stansfield.

With exciting stories from the global community, from Olana Janfa’s Melbourne garden shed that doubles as a studio, to Elise Gettliffe’s former tile showroom-turned-potter’s place in Alsace, France. Also, interior decorator Gavin Houghton gives provides a guided tour of his beloved Tangier community and a peruse around a penthouse Milano apartment. There is also featured John Stefanidis’ London townhouse in this issue!

Get ready to see a whole new world of decorating and design!