Out of the Blue: A Picture Book Hardcover – Picture Book, 25 April 2024

By Rebecca Bach-Lauritsen (Author) & Anna Margrethe Kjaergaard

A boy’s usual routine is shaken up by the sudden appearance of a bear in this award-winning Danish picture book about embracing surprise, adapting to change, and welcoming new friendships

In a house where everything is arranged just so, there lives a boy whose days are filled with peace, quiet, and solitude. Every morning, he wakes up and follows the exact same routine, without fail . . . until the day something new appears, out of the blue: a bear!

In this imaginative and empowering picture book, a meticulous child steps out of his comfort zone of control and opens himself up to unfamiliar and unexpected experiences.

Thanks to author Bach-Lauritsen’s poetic text, fluidly translated by Goldman from Danish to English, and the spare, highly communicative, and absorbing illustrations from Kirkus Prize for Young Readers finalist Kjærgaard, this is a sensitive, encouraging story about how embracing change can lead to trust and friendship!