K Culture

Simon Clair (Author)

Celebrate Korean culture whilst learning about its past and present in this stunning and fascinating guide.

In recent years, Korean popular culture has taken the form of a tidal wave sweeping over the West. Whether it's music, film, drama series, fashion or cuisine, South Korea is establishing itself as a key player on the world stage. And the Korean Wave (Hallyu) shows no sign of stopping. Even before Squid Game and the award-winnning film Parasite, K-pop had become a $5 billion industry and Korean food had become the exciting new regional cuisine in restaurants and bars.

K Culture will reveal all aspects of South Korea's way of life, both historically and in its new found fame. Including sections on K-pop bands, cinema, drama, art, comics, food, fashion and night-life, with features within each section on the best films, shows, stars, artists etc. - this book offers different gateways into contemporary South Korea and what drives it.

Also highlighted is the global influence, with a focus on eight cities from around the world (including London, Paris, Berlin, Toronto, New York and L.A.) that have embraced this dynamic culture. This book is a stunning, informative and fun handbook to the Korean Wave.

Hardback, 256 pages
Published by Quadrille Publishing Ltd
ISBN 9781837830879
30 x 21.5 x 2.8 cm