Cero #7

Published by Cero Collective, Cero Magazine is a nonprofit print and digital publication focused on spotlighting and celebrating creatives of all kinds, from established luminaries to the next generation of pioneers.

The individuals they highlight in their pages are leaders in their arenas, pushing society forward with innovation, artistry, and passion. Cero Magazine is devoted to not only offering these creators a place to express themselves but also to building a community that celebrates courage, inspiration, and individuality.

Cero believes there is an appetite for independence, exploration, and discovery that is not being met in the American magazine community. Cero Magazine has established itself as a standard-bearer for uncovering and championing under heard and underappreciated voices while also partnering with leading talents to offer inspiration and education.

They see an untapped hunger for new visions, perspectives, and opinions, all of which Cero Magazine introduces to its readers.