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Sports Pictogram Print By James Graham

Olympic pictograms have a tendency to transcend the event and be remembered long after the hype around the event has died down. Simpler and closer to the sports themselves (away from the loud and usually rather tacky circus created around the event), pictograms tend to have a much longer shelf-life. Otl Aicher, for example, is still remembered for his 1972 Munich Olympics work.

The pictograms in this series have been commissioned by Magma to celebrate not just the 2012 Olympics but the notion of sport itself, moving away from marketing and political clich̩s to reach back to the simple joy and energy of each individual sport.

With a sense of humour and observation which is as sharp as his sense of balance and composition, James Graham has produced memorable work for Colors and Esquire magazines, Selfridges, Le Monde and The New York Times. P.S. Olympic pictograms are, by nature, clean and minimal.

Their attraction relies on the use of simple means to capture the perfection of a moment, or a gesture. This seems not to have been the case with the designs for the London Olympics. With this series we are trying to propose a nicer, subtler way of remembering this unique event.

Hand printed silk screen print on Somerset Velvet white 250gsm cotton rag paper, 750 x 550mm. Comes in a strong black Magma poster tube.