Wunderdog #6

Wunderdog is a magazine for underdogs and wonderdogs, dedicated to the good life with rescue dogs.

Wunderdog is about transformation: the alchemy of what happens when good dogs and good humans meet. One creature rescues another, for the chance to be happy and the best possible version of themselves. A wonderdog is a superhero, and a Wunderdog is an underdog who achieved happiness, even greatness.

Wunderdog Magazine issue 6: No Bad Dogs special, Bonnie Garmus, Walter Glassof

Issue 6 of Wunderdog Magazine dedicates a special section to one theme close to our hearts: ‘No Bad Dogs’.
We stand up for pit bulls, misunderstood dogs and underdogs everywhere with these features:
  • a comprehensive look at breed-specific legislation
  • the Pawsitive Change programme by Marley’s Mutts in California
  • German Hellhound Foundation
  • the collaboration between the Humane Society International and Italy’s Cave Canem, to end dogfighting
  • and tips to train reactive dogs, and building your dog’s confidence.
There is lots more to discover in this issue:
  • walkies with Bonnie Garmus, the bestselling debut author of Lessons in Chemistry
  • we talk with wellness and mental health content creator Estée LaLonde, about the ordeal with her rescue dog and how it made her a dog agony aunt
  • we visit illustrator Walter Glassof and his rescue dog in their holiday home on Noirmoutier
  • we swim with adoptable dogs in Croatia
  • and celebrate with puptails in east London.