Wunderdog #2

Wunderdog is a magazine for underdogs and wonderdogs, dedicated to the good life with rescue dogs.

Wunderdog is about transformation: the alchemy of what happens when good dogs and good humans meet. One creature rescues another, for the chance to be happy and the best possible version of themselves. A wonderdog is a superhero, and a Wunderdog is an underdog who achieved happiness, even greatness.

In this issue:

  • photographer and animal rights campaigner Wendy Nesbitt tells how retired sled dogs – and survivors of the 2010 sled-dog cull in Whistler – have been given a second chance by a dedicated community across western Canada
  • check out the Wallis Annenberg PetSpace in LA
  • we bring you the blueprint to build your own sensory garden for your pooch
  • find out what the vice-president of Spanish Stray Dogs UK gets up to
  • travel to Skiary, the UK’s most remote guesthouse
  • track across Hamburg in search of snacks
  • get a tour by Charlie’s Angels Rescue founder Tania Cappelluti of her Costa Rican sanctuary
  • hear from artist Freya Pocklington about self-portraiture, health and dogs
  • find out the insane story behind Teddy – the musical of a lost dog (includes sheet music)
  • get inspired by the disarming empathy that drives the Romanian Prison Dog Programme
  • learn doggy-paddling with Caroline Coile
  • and find out how legendary puppy-mill survivor Pops made it as a therapy dog.