Wunderdog #9

Wunderdog is a magazine for underdogs and wonderdogs, dedicated to the good life with rescue dogs.

Wunderdog is about transformation: the alchemy of what happens when good dogs and good humans meet. One creature rescues another, for the chance to be happy and the best possible version of themselves. A wonderdog is a superhero, and a Wunderdog is an underdog who achieved happiness, even greatness.
Wunderdog Magazine issue 8: Dog Manifesto, Curtis Holder, Rez Dogs, dog-friendly north Devon, Portugal

Issue 9 of Wunderdog is here, and it’s personal. The Sustainability special looks at the issue from the inside. Textiles tutor and carbon literacy champion Rowanna Lacey researches the textiles we use and the ways we engage with our dogs’ world. Photographer and environmentalist Debra Bardowicks followed the sniffer dogs of Hawaii as much as she could (her trainers and the terrain weren’t always a mix-and-match situation), and she’s come back with a brilliant, insightful account.

This issue is personal beyond the Sustainability section, too. Follow the riveting story of triathlete Louise Harris as she attempts to break the world record for fastest cycle solo from Land’s End to John O’Groats and back. She also fundraised for Galgos del Sol on the way. Don’t miss this story!

Photographer Heike Schneider-Matzigkeit wanted to showcase the love between dogs and their humans, so she asked friends and friends-of-friends in Berlin if they’d like to pose. Is it her fault that they all are photogenic and, frankly, gorgeous?

An di Prima, the Belgian-born Scottish podenco lover and photographer, did another brilliant story. After she took the cover shot for issue 8, she did a dog-friendly story in and around Glasgow. 

And grief councillor Saskia Saunders didn’t think she’d have to prepare to lose another dog so soon after her Thai rescue Bear passed away. But that’s exactly what she is going through now. Dogs die too soon, and anticipatory grief is a particular kind of heartbreak.