Worms #7

Worms is a bi-annual literary style magazine that celebrates female/non-binary writer culture.

The ‘Artists who Write and Writers who Art’ Issue. For Worms 7 we’ve looked to our visual counterparts for some soil nutrients. We’ve wormed our way into the psyche of the artist, to bring you the ‘Artists That Write, and Writers That Art’ issue.

Many of our subjects in the past have come into writing via non-traditional routes (filmmaking, curation, art, performance, podcasting, and so on), so it only felt right to cast a spotlight over those who have inspired our experimental literary practices so far. Not only those that use words within their visual practice, but those who use images to inform their writing. The reader, the writer, the artist, the activist, the poet and performer; they’re all here and they’re all worms.

In this mega worm (which is fittingly pink, for the first time somehow) you are in for a feast. Clem interview Helen Marten, Martine Syms and Diamond Stingily, Caitlin interviews actual art-writing icon Olivia Laing, Pierce talks to the profound Dr. Joy James, Philippa Snow gives us her thoughts on the act of writing art criticism (spoiler: it’s out her ass), and we have enough Derek Jarman content to keep you going for the rest of the year. We have some hilarious/insightful/weird/wonderful contributions from some of your favourite regulars too; including Jess Cole, Isabelle Bucklow, Sam Moore, Haydée Touitou, Estelle Hoy and many others.

Diamond Stingily, Helen Marten, Nicole Rudick, Niki De Saint Phalle, Martine Syms, Olivia Laing, Dr. Joy James, Jordan Weitzman, Wu Tsang, Derek Jarman, Sabine Mirlesse, Misha Honcharenko, Chantal Akerman, Joanna Novak, Annie Ernaux, Daisy Sanchez, Jenna Sutela, Anicka Yi, Tuomas A. Laitinen, Stephanie Comilang & Simon Speiser, Valerie Solanas

Aydeé Touitou, L Scully & Lucas Restivo, Lee Rae Walsh, Jess Cole, Estelle Hoy, Philippa Snow, Samantha Rosenwald, Isabelle Bucklow, Mona Glassfield, Clem Macleod, Sarah White, Caitlin Mcloughlin, Pavielle Garcia, Ione Saizar, Chantal Joffe, Sophie Davidson, Pierce Eldridge, Violet Conroy, Elle Pérez, Paul Mpagi Sepuya, Jacqueline Ennis-cole, Mary Adeturinmo, Steph Francis-shanahan, Sam Moore, Bug Shepherd-barron, Donna Marcus Duke, Sam Holton Bradley, Kitty Grady, Felix Pilgrim, Cici Peng, Holly Mills, Thea Mclachlan, Erica Gould, Paula Ducay And Inés García, Elvira Garcia, Inês Geraldes Cardoso, Jodie Hill, Jemima Skala, Maura Sappilo, Delia Rainey