Wonderland #Spring 22

Wonderland Spring 2022 Issue

Emma Mackey wears Lydia Jackson
Emma Mackey wears Gucci
Model Eva Apio, in Moschino graces
Robert Pattinson, Batman & Zoë Kravitz, Catwoman
Zoë Kravitz, Catwoman
Robert Pattinson, Batman
Sam Corlett from Vikings Valhalla

For the most part, the success of a film comes down to public reception. What will Rotten Tomatoes say? Will its characters be transcendent or faded figures that fall from memory? Maeve Wiley proved to be the former. Sex education on the national curriculum promised unwieldy and uncomfortable conversations, but the Netflix show promised the opposite, shattering through the taboo with force. All of a sudden, everyone was talking about it, and its female frontrunner, Emma Mackey. In turn, Mackey didn’t so much rise onto the international stage, rather she soared meteorically, at the helm of a show that sought to challenge and elucidate the awkwardness behind sex.

But maintaining self after a big break isn't always as easy as the ride up to the top. “I've taken quite a big break,” smiles Mackey, dressed in a patterned robe, as she walks towards a speaker to quieten its sound, but not before bellowing along with an unexpected but gracious harmony. Is it good to be back? “Well, I mean…” she laughs, gesturing towards the palatial view of London’s skyscraper, through panoramic windows of a ritzy hotel suite, just a few floors from the top. The view from the top isn’t all so bad. It seems fitting for Mackey’s sudden ascension, and her state of mind following the adjustment to the high heights of fame. Now in 2022, with three new roles and a desire to direct, she’s enjoying the view with a new state-of-mind. Covering our Spring 2022 issue, Mackey talks about becoming braver, taking control of her future and never being blasé.